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Deina - Trip of Remembrance


The Deina association (from the Greek deinós, that is the amazing capacity of men to be terrible and at the same time wonderful, to build and destroy) realizes educational and training paths throughout the national territory. Since 2013, over 10,000 people have been involved in the association's activities by visiting the former concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland), Mauthausen-Gusen (Austria) and Sachsenhausen (Germany).

Our memory is our culture, it is what we are, our values and our principles. It is the key to understanding the present. For this to start any path, it is necessary to start from here.

The bones of our projects are travel. Museums and places of memory have primarily a function of transmitting the past to future generations who have not had direct knowledge of it. Studying the history and the stories that compose it is fundamental to understand and to know. But to see something in first person, for our way of approaching the world, means to know unequivocally, to have direct access to reality and truth.

 It is an irreplaceable testimonial experience in its intensity and immediacy, which leads us to live the past on ourselves, to recall its suffering and to some extent make it our own, becoming somehow part of the history we are learning. Unfortunately, there are events of the past that are good to be perceived with the maximum awareness of being faced with real events.


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