As one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Adriatic, Riccione is a trendy city where fashion, elegance, a sparkling atmosphere and pleasure of life win over visitors.

The large well-equipped beach, Viale Ceccarini with its boutiques, fashionable clubs, water parks, discos in the hills and the nightlife on the beach at the mouth of the Marano torrent are elements that make it particularly attractive to young people and to those who love a holiday of spontaneity and glamour.

Any season of the year is pleasant for a visit to Riccione, although the Green Pearl of the Adriatic - so called for its tree-lined avenues, parks and gardens - is at its best in the period from spring to summer.

Its living room is Viale Ceccarini, bustling both day and night. Between a glance at the latest fashions on display in the fashionable boutiques and an aperitif in the open air, the refined salon allows direct contact with the latest trends.

But the city also knows how to satisfy those who love to visit places of cultural interest. An early twentieth-century building houses the Gallery of Modern Art and, on the seafront not far from Viale Ceccarini, Villa Mussolini, once the Duce's seaside holiday home, offers exhibitions and cultural activities throughout the year.

The Pesa civic centre houses the Territorial Museum. Rich in archaeological materials and environmental reconstructions from prehistoric to Roman times, it also houses the skeletal remains of an imposing prehistoric bison, elephants, bears, rhinoceroses and megaceres that lived in the area thousands of years ago.

Recently built, the futuristic Palazzo dei Congressi is an ideal venue for conferences and events.

However, Riccione would not be Riccione if it did not have an intense nightlife that attracts a young and elegant public like a magnet with its discos on the hills.

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