Cervia and Milano Marittima are twin resorts, complementary yet different in history and vocation. One is a village full of history and natural attractions, while the other is a fashionable entertainment destination. Putting together the entire municipal area, which also includes the towns of Pinarella and Tagliata, there are 40,000 beds, 118 swimming pools, 119 restaurants and pizzerias, 122 bars, an unknown number of shops and 11 discos. 

Nine kilometres of beach interrupted only by the characteristic port of Cervia, with an average width of over 100 metres. Nature and careful conservation work have endowed the Cervia area with a perfect coastline to enjoy the summer to the full. Bathing establishments offer entertainment and activities for everyone, especially in terms of sport and fitness, with gyms, basketball, bowls and beach volleyball courts, fitness courses and all kinds of water sports. Those who prefer to stay under a beach umbrella can enjoy a fine beach and a sea that has been awarded the Blue Flag for 19 years in a row. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that all the resorts in the municipality - Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata - have continued to be at the top of tourism in Italy for many years.

Cervia, the "city of salt", which was already gathered here in the 10th century. 900 hectares of salt marshes contribute to the favourable microclimate that pervades the town in winter. If you are staying on the Cervia coast, a trip to the salt pans is a must. Here you will find the ancient Camillone Saltworks, the last original "salinetta" where processing is still carried out according to tradition and entirely by hand. Guided tours take place every day, in which the production of Cervia's traditional gold salt is explained step by step, and it is possible to visit the interesting "salt museum".
Remember the Cervia Pinewood. A centuries-old green area that extends close to the beach between Pinarella and Tagliata, once praised by Dante and Lord Byron. The pine forest is perfect for sheltering from the heat of the summer season, for relaxing walks or fitness in nature. Thanks to the pine forest, Pinarella and Tagliata have always enjoyed a reputation no less than their more famous "sisters". The large natural park is unique and incredible, offering the sight of peacocks, pheasants and many other animals in the heart of Milano Marittima; for those who love to relax, the precious salso-bromo-iodine waters and purifying mud at the Cervia Spa.

It remains to admire the many historical and artistic beauties, Piazza Garibaldi - the heart of Cervia, the scene of prestigious events, markets and concerts - the Municipal Theatre, the Church of the Suffrage (with its Callido organ and Gothic wooden crucifix), the Church of Sant'Antonio and Piazzetta Pisacane with the historic Antica Pescheria (old fish market). The enchanting Suspended Carpet Fountain, designed by Tonino Guerra, is surrounded by flower beds created by expert gardeners from all over Europe.
The movida of Milano Marittima awaits you. Among the dozens of trendy places that characterize it, you will not struggle to find the one that suits you, where you can sip a cocktail sitting at a table outside, while you continue your walk in front of the windows of some of the best shops on the Romagna Riviera

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