Gatteo Mare, or Gatteo a Mare, is a very small municipality overlooking the Adriatic Sea near Cesenatico. The beach, which extends for just over 1 km, offers tourists welcoming bathing establishments full of services, a calm sea and soft golden sand. An irresistible invitation for those looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. Most of the hotels, restaurants and small shops are located along the promenade, which in summer comes to life with local craft markets and bathing establishments that often organise parties and cocomerate parties. A walk through the town centre offers interesting stops, from a visit to the recently restored Malatesta Castle to the ancient Church of San Rocco, dating back to 1484, known for its beautiful frescoes.

Gatteo Mare, the little great treasure situated on the border between 'water sky and earth', discovered seventy years ago (before it was called 'Due Bocche') represents an example of organisation of tourist services. In its square kilometre of extension there are 90 hotels, 30 bathing establishments, almost 300 flats to rent, more than a hundred shops and handicraft activities.


San Mauro Mare is a cosy and quiet village, ideal for an intimate and relaxing stay, safe and familiar. With its modern facilities and qualified bathing establishments, rich in parks and gardens it is particularly suitable for families. Awarded the Blue Flag for its beaches from 2008 to 2014, it is also one of the first municipalities on the Romagna coast to hold EMAS certification.

San Mauro is a place of culture, it is the land of Giovanni Pascoli (1855-1912), whose death centenary falls this year, with the house where the poet was born, a national monument since 1924. It is the landscape in the eyes of the "cavallina storna", the protagonist of Pascoli's famous poem, which also tells of the "Torre", the splendid agricultural estate that once belonged to the Torlonia princes. San Mauro is also home to a famous footwear district. Names such as Casadei, Pollini, Rossi, and the younger Baldinini and Vicini are vigorous and illustrious examples of the art of shoemaking. 

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