Gabicce Mare, Along the Riviera you will find nothing like it. It is a small naturalistic jewel with the cliffs and promontory of Monte San Bartolo reaching down to the beaches. The mountain is also a nature reserve and is criss-crossed by panoramic footpaths with views over the entire Romagna Riviera. Excursions can be made by bicycle or on foot to discover the local flora and fauna. Although small in size, Gabicce's sea side is home to a hundred or so hotels with excellent services, equipped beaches, sports, entertainment and leisure activities.

Gabicce Mare: the centre of this town gathers around the beach and extends to a bend in the Tavollo river. It is a limited traffic zone from April to September. Gabicce Monte: can be reached by taking the panoramic road that leads to the Monte San Bartolo Park. It can be reached by train or by car: there are both paid and free car parks (with parking discs).

Ideal for those who love cycling, especially if you want to take the most famous road: the one that connects Gabicce Mare to Gabicce Monte, all curves, slopes and panoramic views. Couples and families will find a quiet, cosy and romantic atmosphere in Gabicce, while food lovers can try the specialities in a large number of small restaurants that prepare typical fish dishes.

There are cities that by natural predisposition and choice marry hospitality to their own lifestyle, their own identity. Pesaro, bathed by the Adriatic Sea, with its culture, its size and its rhythms on a human scale, its heritages of yesterday and today, has made hospitality a vocation which, born on the seashore at the end of the 19th century, still wants to grow and win the attention of its guests, whether they are lovers of uncrowded beaches, art enthusiasts or dynamic sportsmen.

Seven kilometres of equipped beaches and free beaches surrounded by a surprising environment such as the Park of Monte San Bartolo and the promontories facing the sea, bathing facilities and shallow, sandy seabed ideal for families, a port that connects to the other side of the Adriatic Sea in just two hours by hydrofoil.

Pesaro is also a historic centre made up of elegant streets that create a special city atmosphere, where among the palaces, museums, churches, fortresses, ancient and ultra-modern libraries you can walk to discover works of art and ingenuity, or to attend the hundreds of shows and initiatives that enliven the summer but also all the other seasons.

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