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Since 1981, Arcadia Viaggi has collaborated with institutions and administrations for the creation, management and organization of stays for the seniors in Italy and Europe. A particular attention is dedicated to the seniors, with a careful selection of locations and above all suitable facilities for the reception of these "very special customers" in order to make the holiday more pleasant and smooth, relaxing.

We offer this particular segment a wide range of carefully selected proposals in order to satisfy all the needs of this particular customer, paying a careful attention to the choice of structures and recreational activities; our activity is not limited only to the booking of tourist services such as transport, accommodation and restaurants, but carefully takes care of the recreational and cultural activities of the stay, the choice of guides and specialized guides, so that, although  for the limited period of the holiday, "Our Seniors" can regenerate themselves and enjoy our special attentions. 

Italy and Europe are rich in destinations suitable for senior travelers, including amazing ancient cities and classical works of art, evocative alpine environments, heavenly beaches and other enchanting natural, cultural and enogastronomic scenarios.



The Riviera has always been considered one of the most popoular holiday destinations for all ages, also due to the traditions and customs it has kept alive over time, drawing on the memory and traditions of the past. The healthy effects of the sea air and the many accommodation facilities that offer holiday packages, also advantageous for a tourism that is no longer young. For this reason Adriatic Coast is one of the favourite destinations for tourists of the third age.

Visitors over 60 love visiting the Riviera in low season, when summer has just begun, or in September, when the sun does not hit too hard and the beaches are less crowded.

With the first warm evenings, the lifeguards organize dinners on the beach based on blue fish and Sangiovese, piadina, ciambella and Albana, the menu taken from the tradition, which accompanied with folk music and dances, turns night parties into cheerful and rich banquets.

From the province of Ferrara to the province of Rimini, many venues dedicated to ballroom dancing are still in vogue, dancing offer the entire repertoire of masters of Romagna folk music.

Festivals of all kinds, which reproduce ancient festivals and rural customs, from the harvesting of the grapes to the harvest festival, are always accompanied by shows and culinary stands, antique markets or regional handicrafts, lotteries, popular games and the ever-present orchestra of ballroom dancing.

And then the beautiful cities of art and the ancient villages of the hinterland, small villages perched a few kilometers from the sea for quiet excursions and guided tours to discover this land so rich and hospitable.

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